Manufacturers of high-quality organic seaweed extracts


  • High in bioactive compounds

  • Low pH

  • Low viscosity

  • Low solids

Designed for formulating

Ideal for tank mixing & blending

Bio-based Solutions

The Crop Smith Ltd. manufactures seaweed extracts for horticulture, agriculture and turf.

We offer different extraction techniques to provide a wide range of bespoke products for our customers.

CS1 is ideal for tank mixing and formulations.

Supplying distributors worldwide with a stable range of seaweed extracts for tank mixing & blending

  • Stock available for immediate dispatch

  • Short lead time on containers

  • Bespoke blends available for unique applications

  • Excellent¬†customer service

Harvested from the clean
North Atlantic shores

Our low pH seaweed extracts are uniquely manufactured to be high in bioactive compounds which promote strong, healthy crops.

We use sustainably hand-harvested Ascophyllum nodosum, a large, slow growing, brown seaweed found in the rocky shores and pristine waters of the Irish and Scottish North Atlantic coastline.

Our process

CS1 is made using a novel extraction process. It is manufactured specifically to be high in soluble bioactive compounds and yet low in insoluble seaweed solids. CS1 is designed to dissolve completely and leave no residue. Our complex extraction system involves sophisticated final stage filtration for the removal of unwanted solids. As a result, CS1 has a high level of bioactive compounds, low solids, low viscosity and a low pH, making it ideal for blending and tank mixing.

Product Development

The Crop Smith Ltd. continues to improve products and processes to optimise our client offering. We work closely with our customers to ensure an efficient supply chain and excellent product quality.

We also investigate our products in the field and work with external research providers in order to establish a high level of product performance and efficacy.

Bioactive Compounds

Alginic acid 10
Fucoidan 2
Laminarin 2
Mannitol 2
Amino acids 0.1


Cytokinin 20
Giberrellin 10
Auxin 20
Betaines 70


Nitrogen as N 0
Phosphorus as P 0
Potassium as K 0.5


Magnesium as Mg 1000
Sulphur as S 3000
Boron as B 2
Copper as Cu 0.5
Iron as Fe 100
Manganese as Mn 3
Molybdenum as Mo 0.1
Calcium as Ca 1000
Zinc as Zn 0.1

Other Parameters

Organic matter 4%
pH 4.5
EC 12500

CS1 Typical Analysis

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