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What can seaweed do for your industry?


Extensively used on agricultural crops worldwide. Promotes active growth and development, enhancing nutrient uptake. Advances rooting, improves soil health, protects against heat stress and drought.


Versatile and simple. Application can be as a foliar spray and also through drip irrigation under protection and in field crops. Conditions the plant and protects against stress at key crop stages such as flowering and fruiting.


Recognized throughout the industry to improve rooting and early establishment. Promotes microbial activity and contributes to healthier, more resilient turfgrass stands.


Sustainable feed supplement. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Provides all the elements for optimal health, improving digestion and ensuring animals are able to make the most of available feed.


Seaweed extract boosts hydroponic growth by enhancing nutrient uptake, promoting root development, improving plant resilience, and increasing yield through natural growth hormones and micronutrients.